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Peace, health and happiness.

I was born in Thessaloniki, where the contact with the sea created within me the desire to visit foreign places. From dreams of long journeys to the Mediterranean, fate eventually led me to the mountainous city of Florina where I studied Balkaniology, but most importantly, in this small and often forgotten town of Macedonia, I learned what hospitality means. My motherland then sent me to the island of Samothrace, where through the stories of the island’s inhabitants I began to develop an interest in ancient Greek history and mythology. I finished my service as a Reserve Lieutenant and decided to travel to the Balkans. During a trip by motorbike and due to an unexpected snowstorm I ended up in Belgrade where I studied the Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman history of the Balkans. When I returned to Thessaloniki, I realized that when we have the great treasures in front of us, we usually don’t take notice. Since childhood I believed that the best way to learn about the world is to travel and get in touch with different cultures and people. I feel extremely fortunate that traveling and visiting interesting places are aspects of my work.